If statistics show people spend an average of six hours online, it is no surprise that the digital landscape is constantly evolving. Building a business without promoting it online should not even be an option in 2023. Many strategies, tools, and online platforms are at your fingertips; you just need to know which ones will keep you ahead of the curve.

We’ll cover X actionable ways you can promote your business online in 2023. By adopting and perfecting these strategies, your business will thrive in the digital age.

Get featured online

The power of the written word should not be neglected, even in this day and age. The only difference is that every word we write today is considered as some kind of content. Each content piece has a purpose and a goal. You will reach a specific audience if you get featured online or reviewed. This leads to brand awareness, brand recognition, social media profile hits, and increased website traffic.

Social media marketing

Any effort you invest in online, like getting featured or reviewed online, will be all for nothing if you don’t have an online presence. You can easily leverage the strength of social media platforms to build your online presence.

You can build your community with two strategies – organic and paid. To grow your profile organically, you should prioritize quality content that speaks directly to your target audience. If you add paid advertising into the mix, your posts will reach a targeted audience most likely to follow your page. Not only that, but your audience is also more likely to convert if you target them with an effective ad and direct them to perform a specific action – sign up or purchase.

Prioritise website responsiveness

People use their mobile phones for almost everything – from waking up to the sound of the alarm to purchasing plane tickets. Mobile phones are like extensions to our hands, so it’s not a surprise that more than half of website users came through a mobile device.

That’s why the website has to be responsive, equally accessible, and easy to navigate over a mobile device and a desktop. In other words, website responsiveness should be prioritized over anything else. If users can reach your website on any device, they are more likely to convert, purchase, and boost your business.

Ensure it’s search engine friendly

Just like you have to prioritize having a mobile-friendly website, you have to make it search engine-friendly. Search engines like Google favor responsive websites, which will be a big plus for your online business. However, there’s a list of things you must do right regarding your website and search engine optimization.

The first step is understanding your niche and your competitors and how well they rank in Google. This is especially important if your business is in a highly competitive niche. For example, Australia is known for having many businesses that are competing against each other in the online world. For an online business to dominate on the first page of Google, they have to team up with SEO Services Sydney to work on its SEO strategy. The right SEO strategy, tailored to your business needs, is the key to successfully promoting your business online. When your website rankings improve, so will your organic traffic, and your business will be more accessible online.


Content is yet another essential aspect of SEO and promoting your business online. These can’t go one without the other. If you want to promote your business online, you’ll need a website. A website has to be visible and easily found through search To make your website visible and discoverable, you need to optimise it.

When your website is built with the search engine in mind, you’ll reach your target audience more quickly. If you missed this step early on, you can work on this with the help of experts. Content, and engaging blog posts optimized with relevant keywords will boost your online visibility, thus helping your business.

Other types of content like infographics, videos, or even podcasts, and case studies can also capture your audience and help them find what they need. Ensuring your content resonates with your ideal audience makes you one step closer to your goal.

Work with influencers

Influencers have a broad reach and strong influence, and the power of influencer marketing should not be ignored. The key here is to work with those that are relevant to your target audience and those will help your brand increase its reach. Furthermore, this collaboration can boost your brand’s credibility.

Pay-per-click advertising

An average person will likely turn to Google for a solution or an answer. People will type in questions, and your business can appear as the solution. The key here is to target the most relevant search queries through Google Ads, and your business will appear at the top of the page. Paid ads will boost your revenue, and traffic and promote your business to a wider audience.


Webinars are another way for you to engage with your audience. Someone from your company can hold a webinar or a live stream and cover a topic your audience will appreciate. This is a great way for them to showcase their expertise, increase brand awareness, and build a loyal following.

Video Marketing

Just like content is considered valuable; video is equally considered king in 2023. We’re seeing a switch to video content so an interactive video experience will give your business a wider reach. Social media platforms are the perfect stage to showcase your video content and connect more with your audience.

Email marketing

Every business can populate a list of user emails. Whether it’s through sign-ups for a service or through account creations, your users will leave an email you can use. This is a powerful tool you can use to promote your business online. It’s also a great marketing strategy to boost your sales and communicate with users. Promote new products, limited-time offers, and others.

In 2023, promoting your business online requires a few carefully thought-out steps. We’ve shared ten steps you can take to navigate the digital landscape effectively and position your business for success.