When installing the wooden deck or metal floor decking, it is important to emphasize that elegance, comfort, and leisure are essential solutions to enhance your home’s external and internal spaces. We will present the 5 things you need to keep in mind before installing your deck:

1 – What Types Of Wood To Use On The Deck?

Understanding the best type of wood to use on the deck is very important at this stage, as in the external environment, it is necessary to choose highly resistant wooden planks that resist attacks by xylophagous organisms (such as fungi and termites). Another reason for choosing hardwood, which means resistance and quality, is exposure to the weather.

2 – Planning The Environment And Projects

To construct the wooden deck, it is essential to delimit the chosen area where the wooden floor will be installed. The workforce will be important to maintain the leveling if there is any unevenness. And other uses for cladding, measuring, cutting, and shaping the wooden deck

3 – Installation And Practicality:

Installation of a wooden deck requires skilled labor to ensure surface leveling; With the size of the area, it is common for it to be difficult to find long and short wooden boards for the roof, so planning and correct measurements are necessary to avoid setbacks.

4 – Wood Quality:

Pay close attention when choosing wooden decks, as quality impacts the project’s final result. Ensure the wood is processed and kiln-dried to reduce or prevent the warping of the boards, which is a natural phenomenon.

5 – Maintenance:

Ensuring the product’s durability depends on periodic cleaning and the proper application of wood protectors. As it is a natural product, selected wood exposed to the weather (rain, sun, heat, humidity, dry air, cold) may show changes in appearance, such as darkening and wear. The material must receive a protective finish, such as impregnating agents, varnishes, and enamels, for adequate protection. Daily cleaning is also fundamental for removing dust and leaves; the ideal is to wipe it with a dry cloth without adding products, or if there is an accumulation of dirt, a damp cloth with neutral detergent is a good choice.