“Farming Implements-machines that to the floor, plant seed, or perform many other tasks”

Farming machinery is among the most revolutionary and impactful applying technology advances. The truly elemental human dependence on food has frequently driven the introduction of technology and machines. In the last 250 years, advances in farm equipment have transformed the strategies by which people are employed and supply their food worldwide.

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WINDSOR EXPORTS (internet.agriimplements.com), A part of EASTMAN GROUP is unquestionably an Global farming machinery manufacturer & exporter located in Haryana, India around NCR.Windsor Exports could be a major farming equipments manufacturer. The firm began in 1996 in New Delhi by Munish Gupta because the auto parts exporter. In 2000 The company beginning making and conveying farming machinery spares . Now our organization elevated to obtain the finest exporter of farming Implements from India. Their farming items are usually offered underneath the RHINO and WINDSOR name. The product range includes:

1) Tillage equipments (Spring loaded and Rigid type tiller)

2) LawnmowerOrCircular SLASHER

3) Land Leveller

4) Tyne Cultivator (Tyne Ridger)

5) M B Plough

6) Terracer Blades

7) Offset Disc Harrow

8) Trailed offset Disc Harrow

9) Paddy Harrow


11) Plough Dvds ( a variety of dvds for harrow)

12) Disc Ridger

13) Publish Hole Digger

14) Forage Mower

15) Rotary Tiller and Rotavator blades

16) Sub Soiler with 1, 2 and three Arm.

17) Mounted Tandem Disc Harrow,

18) M B Plough

19) Laser Introduced Land Leveller

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20) Grooming Mower

21) Tillage Equipments and spares like Disc, springs, spacer real casting

22) Cultivator and cultivator shovel

23) M.B. Plough Blades, Cutting bar setup and boulons

Except in the aforementioned mentioned farming implements, We’re also offering: Potato Planter, Automatic Potato Planter, Potato digger, Potato Plant tour, Potato Ridger, Water Funnel maker, Zero Till and Grain huller, Multi crop planter, Maize Sheller, seed cum fertilizer drill, vegetable nursery transplanter , Zero till ferti-seed drill , Tractor, Harvester parts, Sprayers and Trcuk parts.