They are role of social sales representatives in popular in recent years. With social media now a primary driver of brand discovery and engagement, companies are hiring dedicated social sellers to prospect and close deals online. The increased demand for social selling jobs is the hottest opportunity out there. However, landing a lucrative social sales role requires standing out in a competitive job market.

Build a powerful personal brand

To get hired as a social seller, you need to display social media expertise. The best is you as a thought leader on popular platforms. Cultivate a professional, consistent personal brand across networks like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and TikTok.

Showcase relevant experience

Don’t just tell employers you have social selling skills – show them concrete examples. Include highlights of successful social campaigns you have managed on your resume and LinkedIn profile. Demonstrate any experience driving leads and revenue via social. Even hobby projects like growing a cooking Instagram or launching a viral TikTok illustrate your abilities. Portfolio sites, content links, and measurable results make your background stand out.

Master relevant software

Familiarity with key social media tools is a must. Employers want reps to manage multi-channel campaigns with software like Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Buffer, Talkwalker, etc. Get trained and certified in popular platforms.

Network with the right people

social sale rep unbiased look selling is all about expanding networks. Start connecting with professionals at your target companies.  When new opportunities arise, you want their familiar face to pop up in recruiting minds.

Watch the job boards closely

While networking is great, don’t miss actual job postings. Tailor alerts using relevant keywords like “social media sales”, “social selling”, “social media marketing”, etc. Be ready to apply early when the right post appears. Follow up and check on the status if you don’t hear back quickly. Persistence pays off.

Highlight transferable skills

Sales experience isn’t always required. Play up any transferable skills from past roles if you succeed in a social selling position. Did you have to prospect as an SDR? Highlight cold calling experience. Manage complex client accounts? Exceed targets in a past position? Play up your sales drive. Any skills interacting with people digitally or offline are valuable.

Take social media sales courses like the Digital Marketing Institute and Hootsuite. Get certified as a HubSpot Social Media Marketing professional. Complete Facebook Blueprint courses on running ads and managing business profiles.

Ace the interview process

When opportunity knocks, make sure your interview skills are sharp.  Send thoughtful thank you notes reaffirming your fit. Follow up quickly if you don’t hear back. Hiring for social sales roles is competitive – give them every reason to choose you.

Consider contract roles

While full-time social sales gigs are ideal, contract roles valuable experience too. Take on freelance projects managing social campaigns, drafting content, or running ad campaigns even approach brands directly offering social media services to build a client list. Contract work is all resume-building experience that reinforces hands-on skills.

Relocate if needed

The best opportunities may not be in your backyard. To boost chances, expand your geographic search.  Bonus points if you line up temporary housing or sign flexible leases before applying. Prove you hit the ground running as a new resident. The demand for talented social media sales reps is rising. Companies want proven, specialized experts the ground running. By showcasing relevant experience, skills, and initiative, you set yourself apart from the pack. With persistence and a smart job-hunting strategy, lucrative new social selling roles await. Gets your personal brand shining bright on social – your next career-elevating opportunity could be just a post away.