We don’t really think about how serious chlorine is. Although it is primarily used in pools and cleaners, exposure to small amounts of chlorine may cause little irritation other than skin and eye irritation. However https://munley.com/premises-liability-attorneys/chlorine-gas-poisoning-attorneys/, exposure to dangerously high concentrations of chlorine gas may occur and may result in fatal complications as well as life-long issues.

Chlorine gas poisoning victims are entitled to compensation for their injuries if the owner’s carelessness was to blame. If you are suffering from chlorine gas toxic, call an accomplished chlorine gas toxic attorney at Munley Law today for a free discussion on your legal options. You can also fill out our easy-to-use contact form or use our online chat to speak directly with a building liability attorney.

What Leads to Chlorine Intoxication?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, chlorine is a yellow-green, non-flammable gas with a very pungent odor. It helps prevent the growth of bacteria in water and is commonly used for hygiene. Chlorine can be used in household detergents and is found in flushed water, swimming pools and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Because of the many products and uses of chlorine, there are multiple ways victims can be poisoned by chlorine gas. Chlorine is not flammable https://munley.com/premises-liability-attorneys/chlorine-gas-poisoning-attorneys/, but it is changeable and can explode when different with other composite. Serious injuries can occur in industrial environments such as fires and explosions at chlorine plants, or in hotels, spas or gyms with indoor pools.

Chlorine helps prevent bacterial growth in water and sanitation, but can be fatal if inhaled or consume. Extremely high levels of chlorine in pools can discharge gas to surfaces and cause chlorine poisoning or severe skin burns. This usually happens in indoor swimming pools or places like gyms or gyms with swimming pools or hot tubs.