Numerous firms’ experiences have shown that internal production has additional advantages and can also be cost-effective and efficient. If you are not convinced that investing in your factory is a good idea, consider the sheer number of businesses that are effectively operating their factories that are included in the B2B manufacturers directory. These five compelling arguments may also persuade one to fund your manufacturing facility.

Management expenses 

Establishing your factory or factory for rent samut prakan (โรงงานให้เช่า สมุทรปราการ, term in Thai) is an easy way to avoid the additional management costs that come with outsourcing manufacturing. Managers will need to be dispatched to maintain equilibrium. These managers would need living expenses, thus there is no need for the additional expense. Given that they would require foreign language proficiency, these managers would come at a high cost. Without the extra layer of bilingual management, internal production may be disregarded, which automatically lowers production costs.

Goods delivery to clients may be delayed due to international shipping. Custom check expenses may increase with outsourcing. All of these additional costs will be absorbed into your production, which could lower your earnings if you choose to maintain cheap prices or drive away customers if you maintain high prices. Your erratic choices could give your rivals the upper hand in both scenarios.


It is inevitable for items to undergo last-minute adjustments. What should you do if you discover that a detail that the foreign client noted has to be changed? It would be much simpler to stop the show and make changes if it were an internal production. The item would be directly in front of you. This decision would be less hazardous. It would be more difficult to transmit sampling and discussions at a faster rate. Internal manufacturing saves time, reduces obstacles, and enables faster modifications.

Rights and production control

You can fully manage the production quantity and quality when you manufacture your goods. For instance, you can swiftly expand your labor, equipment, and production pace if demand is rising. However, if your product is being manufactured in another nation, it will be more difficult to adjust production to meet client demands because an order is provided that cannot be easily changed if it is outsourced.

Customer relations

These days, consumers purchase goods that are easier to return in case of defects or problems. They will avoid businesses that use choices for outsourcing manufacturing. Bad press can have a detrimental effect on product sales. Reduced profits may result from this.

Occasionally, awarding contracts to foreign nations may also lead to problems with your government. For instance, if you encounter a disgruntled client, they may file a complaint with the authorities. This may result in an investigation being launched against your business, and the government may object to your outsourcing to particular nations—particularly if they are competitors. Owning your factory can lower the likelihood of encountering irate clients, the press, or the authorities.

Owning your factory allows you to recruit locals and maintain deeper ties with the community, making it more than just a radical move. As the time of need returns, there is a growing call for domestic manufacturing.