Founded in Honolulu by Mr. Nan Chul Shin in 1990, Nan, Inc. is one of Mr. Shin’s contributions to the flourishing of Hawaii’s economy. Mr. Shin built a road sign for a client from scratch with only one staff and no prior experience in the construction industry. Nan Inc. has grown to become the largest privately held general contractor in the State, and they are well-equipped and experienced enough to take on even the most challenging projects. Patrick Shin, owner of nan inc construction, is well recognized as an innovator in the construction industry. The company will carry on its founder’s heritage of providing excellent service to customers, acting ethically at all times, putting the needs of their clientele first, and maintaining a happy and productive workplace for its employees.

Airports in Hawaii Managed by the Transportation Authority, 2015 The Kahului Airport on Maui has granted a $327 million contract to Nan Inc. to build a new consolidated car rental facility and upgrade existing roadways. As part of the project’s overall scope, solar photovoltaic panels will be placed, a people mover will be constructed to connect the airport terminal to the new rental car facility, and new roads will be linked to the current network.

By the year 2023, critical utility infrastructure will have been relocated.

The utility infrastructure along Dillingham Boulevard will be moved thanks to a contract awarded to Nan Inc. by the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation.

HART authorities, in a press release, highlighted the significance of utilities placed along the route to the eventual success of the passenger rail project. The arrangement’s duration may be adjusted between the current dates of the first quarter of 2023 and the first quarter of 2026, at a total cost of about $500 million.

If there are any underground or overhead utilities along the rail line, they must be relocated so that the rail guideway and column installation may proceed as planned. According to a press release from HART, the scope of the project also includes improvements to the transportation, power, fuel, communication, and storm drainage systems.

Kapolei has given Patrick Shin’s firm, West Oahu Veterans Residence 2020 Nan Inc., $75.5 million to build 120 bedrooms for veterans. The corporation plans to finish several major developments in the next two years, including two high-rise residential complexes and a nursing home/community center.

With the aid of this contract, the new Hawaii State Veterans Home may be built on the island of Oahu. In addition, we will pave the parking lot and install brand new appliances, furniture, and decor.

The state’s largest privately owned construction firm, Nan, Inc., says the structure will help them satisfy the growing need for veteran housing and healthcare in Hawaii.